Did you thought anytime about irradiating radionic waves to a subject from several and different locations and also from different day times?, which the results obtained could be?

Our company that made the Radionic Soft System software since 2001, have decided now to create a new concept to help radionic users, taking advantage of a lot of clients we have distributed around  the world (and also other radionic freelance users) . For this purpose we have created a new complementary service named Global Radionic System.

Globalization of the radionics, an example:

Look this chart of the world, supose the red points are the zones with high concentration of users.

Think for a moment that the green circle is a virtual body that need a radionics radiation to help with an illness, while the red lines can represent different computers with the radionic global software running on a same day and may be in a same time.

A big concentration of radionic waves could be received for the subject, doesn't?

What is and how works Radionic Global System?

Basically it is a single emision module, same as the "fixed sending waves window" procedure included in the classic Radionic Soft System software. This new program send waves cyclilly to a lot of subjects in a small laptime each. These subjects are included in a list saved on a server in Internet and each time the program is executed the list is downloaded from the server. Each subject of the list receive the waves emited several times during this session (depending the time you have the software running). The list on the web content all subjects from any user that have included their clients.

Notwithstanding you can also work normally with the Radionic Soft System, the "Global" way emphasizes your own work.

For the Radionic Soft System users:   the module extracts from the main program those records that you determine for any reason, and send them to our internet server where they get mixed to the generic list of other users of different locations. Each user have a emitter software and when the program begin to emit selecting each recipient for a short time period but repeating itself in a cyclic way each few minutes until the program get stopped.

For those NOT Radionic Soft System users:  Optionally, users of other radionics systems are allowed, as long as they use radionic numbers of maximum 12 digits, in such case the user must register the radionic number to be emmited manually in his own module including a photo of the person to be treated.

What advantages can you get from this new system?

We think that a lot of computers can work each day for your clients (may be 10, may be 50, or may be more), some simultaneously, and from different geographic locations.

The radionic effects will be stronger that normal single sending and could have effect to subject more quicly also (this is what our almost all users said from an experimental lap time employed).

Another advantage is that your client will not stop receiving energy when a day you have a strong problem in your office  (computer breakdown for example), because other users will continue sending waves for you.

The personal data of a client can become public?

Not at all. Name and other personal identifiable data of your client never get out from your computer. When you register a client for using the Global system, only two numeric data are send to our server. The first number is the witness number of the subject, the other is the radionic value. The witness number is used in your program to paint a graphical sign that substitutes the photo.

How to register the data for a destination person?

Inside the program there are a Window that makes this operation. All new entries will begin to be erradiate next day.

How many long the sending will work for a client?

How many you decide. While yo do not delete the record for a subject the sending will be made each day during 90. After 90 days the record will be deleted automatically, but if you think that more days are needed, the only thing to do is to register again the data on the server. If you delete a registration the effect (deletion) well take place after 24 hours.

Can this service make a diagnosis?

NO. The Global Radionic System only can send waves. Diagnosis and calculation of the radionic number must be made as always (through the Radionic Soft System or directly for you).

Is it stricly necessary to have the Radionic Soft System software installed?

- Yes for Radionic Soft System users, to diagnose, to extract radionic numbers and other information.

- NO for freelance users,  they must calculate the radionic value by themselves.

Service price

For Radionic Soft System users only:   21  euros (29 us$) for 365 days of service

For freelance users (that do not have the Radionic Soft System v4, or v5 or v6):   42  euros (58 us$) for 365 days of service

Test the service:

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